How can Iranians settle in Turkey by investing?

Investing in Turkey to obtain residency is one of the approved ways to obtain citizenship in Turkey. According to Turkish citizenship law, some people can apply for residency by investing in Turkey, and the Turkish government, since the purpose of capital entry is It follows the country, has provided many ways for investors to invest. Investing in different economic sectors of a foreign country requires information about the value of real estate, the economic situation of the sector, facilities related to that sector and the security and guarantee of the government of the country for this action.

Do not invest in Turkey at all before reading this article! First, read carefully the topics discussed in the following article, which have been discussed in detail by experienced trendturnkey experts, and then proceed with the help of our consultants with peace of mind.

Why invest in Turkey?

The benefits of investing in Turkey are a very important issue for those who intend to do so. Investors are always expected to receive concessions from the government of the target country when investing in a foreign country, in addition to considering returns. Since the Turkish government also seeks to bring capital into the country, it has provided many protections and benefits for foreign investors. In Turkey, use free education and free medical services.

Other benefits of investing in Turkey include the following:

  • Possibility of profitability in the shortest time.
  • Previous citizenship is retained.
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship for all family members and children under 18 years of age
  • Obtaining a Turkish passport, which will eventually take six months, is one of the top 30 passports in the world.
  • Visa-free travel between 26 countries in the Schengen area and EU countries
  • Compulsory military service for citizens of this country


In addition to the above, the Turkish government has provided other benefits to foreign investors, including:

  • VAT exemption
  • Customs exemptions
  • Social security premium
  • Tax discounts
  • Bank interest rate discount
  • Research and development incentives
  • VAT refund.


How to invest in Turkey?

By investing in Turkey, you can obtain citizenship for yourself and your family. Of course, how and under what conditions this action is taken is very important for the Turkish government to consider the foreign investor and his family as its citizens. It is necessary to explain that the family here means spouse and friends under 18 years old. According to the new rules, from 2019, the investment interval is between 250 thousand and 500 thousand US dollars, which takes about 3 to 6 months to obtain a Turkish passport and citizenship. It takes time. But what are the ways to invest in Turkey to obtain citizenship? How should we become a Turkish citizen?

The following are the methods approved by the Turkish government for investing in this country with the aim of obtaining residency, which we will address:

Is investing in Turkey safe?

Investment security in Turkey is one of the most important aspects for Iranian investors. Anyone applying for residency through investment in Turkey, in addition to considering the rate of return and profit from the investment, must also examine the health of the economic and judicial system of the country. But is Turkey a safe country to invest in?

Regarding the question, given the records shown by Turkish public and private organizations and the judiciary, it can unfortunately be said that the country has a high level of corruption in the administrative system and measures such as bribery are very high. The lack of independence of the country’s judicial system is also very worrying. But the good news that can be given to applicants for residence in Turkey in this way is the agreements reached between the governments of Iran and Turkey; According to these agreements, the security of transactions and investments is largely guaranteed. According to the provisions of these agreements, which are entitled “Agreement for promotion and protection of investment” and “Double tax prevention agreement” the following items are guaranteed.

  • Provide a suitable economic environment for investors
  • Non-confiscation of the property of investors who will be confiscated only in exceptional cases and in accordance with legal procedures in the public interest
  • Payment of taxes by the investor only in one of the two countries

The question now is how to proceed in the ways mentioned above?


How to stay in Turkey by buying a property?

According to the new laws in Turkey, it is possible to buy property for citizens of 183 countries, including Iran. This is despite the fact that in the past, such a possibility did not exist for non-citizens in Turkey, and this situation has been created for the same purpose of capital entry into Turkey. But the difference is that this type of residence can be extended; people after one year of temporary residence in Turkey, if they still have a real estate document in their name, can extend the temporary residence for one year. They take action.

سرمایه گذاری در ترکیه

Is it possible to get permanent residence by buying a property in Turkey?

Due to the changes that have taken place in the property purchase laws in Turkey since 2018, it has become easier for people to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. For example, the minimum cost for people who intend to obtain permanent residence in Turkey instead of 2 million The dollar reached $ 250,000 and they can buy a house in Turkey for two years.

In this way, 5 to 8 years of temporary residence is a condition for converting Turkish residence to permanent residence, during which time it is necessary to live in Turkey and have insurance. For this purpose, a real estate document will be sent to Ankara in your name, and after the necessary checks, if you are eligible for permanent residence, this residence will be given to you. It should be noted that this process takes about a year. Leads.

Minimum amount of stock purchase for the purpose of obtaining residence in Turkey

Buying shares in Turkey is another approved way to obtain Turkish citizenship. The Turkish Stock Exchange opened in 1986, and many foreign countries are now actively involved in the Turkish economic cycle. It has been reduced to US $ 500,000. This means that individuals can apply for residency in Turkey by purchasing a minimum amount of shares. Of course, the purchased shares must be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology in order for the actions of individuals to obtain residency to achieve acceptable results.

Invest in Turkey by buying government bonds

Investing in Turkey by buying government bonds is another important way to get a residence permit in Turkey. In this way, people can invest about 500,000 US dollars, as well as buy shares to apply for residency. Of course, after investing, the applicant will not have the right to withdraw and sell shares for up to three years, but after obtaining residency, he will be allowed to withdraw and sell them.

Entrepreneurship in Turkey

سرمایه گذاری در ترکیه

Entrepreneurship in Turkey is not an easy way to stay in Turkey, because entrepreneurship requires many aspects to consider, and this is very risky even in Iran. In the past, every foreigner in Turkey had to hire about 100 Turkish citizens after starting a business in order to obtain Turkish residency. But according to the new rules of 2019, this number has reached 50 people. Of course, the development of employment in Turkey is a very important issue for the government of this country, which has also provided the necessary support for entrepreneurs.


Concluding remarks

Of all the methods studied by the experienced experts of the TrendTrenki team, it can be said that investing in Turkey has many benefits for people who intend to immigrate to this country. It should be noted that buying a property will not only lead to the method of obtaining temporary residence in Turkey, but it is a way that will allow you to reach the destination of Turkish citizenship with special conditions. Our suggestion for people who intend to invest in this country. Turkey is that trendturnkey consultants are ready to provide the necessary advice and guidance in this way through the contact numbers listed on the site. Also, although obtaining residence through entrepreneurship was introduced as a risky method, but Iranian entrepreneurs due to high risk conditions The risks envisaged in this way should be supported by the Turkish government with the aim of creating employment in this way. It is obvious that the current situation of each applicant will have a significant impact on his decision and choice in this way.

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