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اخذ اقامت در ترکیه
با تیم تخصصی ما
در کمترین زمان
خرید راحت و تخصصی خانه
در ترکیه را با ما تجربه کنید
اخذ اقامت با خرید خانه در ترکیه
Trend Turnkey - Residency

Residence in Turkey

Trend Turnkey - Turkey Passport

Turkish Immigration and Passport

Trend Turnkey - House

Buying a property in Istanbul

Trend Turnkey - Investment

Investing in Turkey

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Trend Turnkey - specialized

Migration through specialization

Trend Turnkey - Education in turkey

Study in Turkey

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فرصتهای ویژه‌ی خرید ملک

Urban analysis

Provide a complete description of the texture of different areas of Istanbul, including date, culture, average weather conditions, etc. and customer awareness.

Provide advice on choosing the best property

Help choose the best area according to customer's taste and budget Comparison of neighborhoods in the selected area and descriptions of projects in each area Visit all available properties and compare the quality of construction and evaluation of each property

Professional customer support in shopping

Negotiate with the seller's person or company and prepare the terms of the agreement Arranging the contract with the presence of the company's experienced lawyers Carrying out document registration and transferring money in a completely legal and secure manner

after sales services

Providing advice on renting a unit or making necessary changes to the interior architecture by experienced company engineers Carrying out municipal affairs, gas department, electricity department, water department and registration of address in the name of the buyer Arranging a contract between the customer and the company for citizenship or receiving a residence permit in Turkey

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