How to make a profitable investment by buying a property in Turkey?

Buying a property in Turkey and its conditions, obtaining residence through investment and buying a property and a house, the disadvantages of buying a property in Turkey, are among the topics discussed in the article. Turkey is one of Iran’s neighboring countries that is a destination for Iranians aim for education, immigration, investment and entertainment. It can also be a good destination for citizenship, given the conditions for foreign immigrants.
Buying a property in Turkey has its own terms and conditions. Before buying a property or house in Turkey, we need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • How to own a house in Turkey?
  • Why buy property in Turkey?
  • Is it possible to settle in Turkey by investing in real estate?
  • What are the benefits of investing in real estate?
  • In which Turkish city is it better to buy a property?
  • What are the benefits of buying a property in Turkey?

The above questions are all of the concerns of many Iranians, advisors to the TrendTarnki team, which are discussed in detail in this article.

How to buy a property in Turkey?

The first step in buying property in Turkey is in what areas are we allowed to buy property as a foreigner and then know what will be the benefit of this action for us?

TurkeyDue to its geographical location and tourist attractions, Turkey receives a large number of tourists every year. As a result, it can be said that it has a high potential for capital growth. Buying property in Turkey is one of the ways to invest in this country, which according to the circumstances can lead to obtaining a residence permit and a Turkish passport. Note that obtaining a residence permit in Turkey will include facilities such as free education in Turkey, use of medical services, and so on.

In the last two years, Iran is the second largest buyer of property in Turkey after Iraq. The Turkish government allows foreign investors to buy property on the basis of the principle of reciprocity. This principle means that if a country allows a Turkish investor to invest in its territory, the Turkish government will allow its investor to do the same. will give. This law applies to all EU member states, but Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belgium are exempt from this rule. Followed by the principle of reciprocity.

The important thing for Iranian citizens about this action is to be careful about which areas to choose for investment. A real person is not allowed to buy property in the Turkish military zone under any circumstances. Also, since 2012, according to the 35th Turkish Property and Land Law, a foreign national is allowed to buy property in Turkey if the total area of the property does not exceed 30 hectares and is within the permitted and approved by the Turkish government. According to the law, foreign nationals can buy any type of property, whether residential, commercial, administrative, etc.

If you intend to buy a property in Turkey, inquiring from the Turkish Land Registration and Surveying Organization is an approved and reliable way to determine the status and scope of the property and land you are looking for.

Why invest in Turkey? 10 advantages of investing in Turkey

There are many benefits to investing in real estate in Turkey, which, given the conditions discussed in other sections, can lead to permanent residency and a Turkish passport. Here are some of the benefits of investing in Turkey:

  1. There is no obligation to be permanently present in Turkey.
  2. If you invest at least $ 250,000, you can get permanent residency for yourself and your family.
  3. Retain previous citizenship and use dual citizenship facilities.
  4. Found a Turkish passport, which is one of the 30 most valid passports in the world.
  5. It is possible to travel to 148 countries without a visa.
  6. More chances to get a valid Schengen and Multi-Canada visa…. Get. Of course, this is in case of obtaining a Turkish passport.
  7. It is possible to use the complete medical services of Turkey, insurance and free education in Turkey.
  8. You can rent a property and earn foreign exchange earnings.
  9. In the Turkish international labor market, you can work legally and full time.
  10. You will have direct access to all reputable embassies in the world such as Canada and the United States.

Legal steps to buy property in Turkey

A very important issue in buying property and houses in Turkey for foreign investors was obtaining a military license, which made the process of buying property very long. Fortunately, the new rules do not require this permit, and investors simply enter the inquiry and payment stage after visiting the property and selecting it.

The steps to buy a property in Turkey are as follows:

  • Visit the property and select it,
  • Arranging the initial contract in the presence of both parties to the contract,
  • Pay 1 to 3 percent of the property as a deposit,
  • Refer to the document registration office in Turkey and start the document transfer process and find the date of document transfer,
  • Presence of the buyer on the specified date in the registry office with the owner and payment of the remaining amount and carrying out document transfer,
  • Opening a bank account and paying the amount of the desired property and other taxes and government payments, receiving the consent of the seller and finally delivering the original document (tapu) to the buyer.


What to look for when buying a property?

Full knowledge of Turkish government and civil law and knowledge of the Turkish language is essential. do . In a foreign country, things like selling a property at a price higher than its real value are very common. Staying in Turkey through investment is a very important amount of investment for the Turkish government.

How to buy a residence in Turkey?

How to get a residence permit in Turkey by buying a house? It is a common question of Iranians to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Lack of knowledge of the investment laws of a country can confuse and even hurt the applicants. Of course, we have learned so far that investing in Turkey is subject to the rules and conditions set by the Turkish government for immigrants, and that a foreign national must comply with them when buying property.

If you are applying for residency by buying a house in Turkey, you should know that you can buy a house in Turkey and get a residence permit in Turkey for only $ 60,000. But what kind of accommodation is this? Obtaining accommodation through this is a 3-year tourist stay and can be extended for up to 10 years. Tourist residence means that you will not be allowed to work in this way and you will only get a work permit if you establish a company in Turkey and hire 5 Turkish citizens. Then the Turkish government will allow you to work with the same residence permit.

If we want to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying a house, how much should we invest?

How much should we invest if we want to become a Turkish citizen by buying a house? This is a very important issue for obtaining Turkish citizenship so that we are not subject to the conditions of tourist accommodation by investing only.

Istanbul is one of the most expensive cities in Turkey and is ranked 39th out of 94 cities in the world. In order for the investment made in Turkey to lead to residency, at least $ 250,000 must be invested and the purchased property must be kept for three years and not sold. This condition is in accordance with the law approved in 2018. If the applicant retains other items approved by the Turkish government for residence, he / she can obtain permanent residence in Turkey and after 5 years a Turkish passport. After obtaining a Turkish passport, the applicant can travel freely between 148 countries and, like a Turkish citizen, enjoy citizenship facilities such as free education and free medical services.

Staying in Turkey by renting a house What is the price of a house in Turkey?

You can also rent a house in Turkey, but this is a one-year tourist stay that cannot be extended. It is worth mentioning that the amount of rent in Turkey depends on the city and neighborhood and the specifications of the house.

The important thing about renting a house in Turkey as a foreign national is to make sure that the house in question is not rented to someone else. For this, you can get help from trusted legal institutions and experienced consultants of Trendturnky team in choosing a house to do this with confidence.

The average rent for a house in Istanbul is 700 lira and above. Considering the price of property in different cities of Turkey is not out of favor. Each square meter of a house in Istanbul, as the most expensive city in Turkey, costs about 3,961 lira, and in Ankara, the capital of the country, it costs 1,861 lira. In Izmir and Antalya, the prices are 3,036 and 2,101 lira, respectively.

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Risks of buying property in Turkey, What should we consider when buying a property in Turkey?


Risks of buying property in Turkey is a very important issue in the discussion of buying property in Turkey and obtaining residence in Turkey. The most important danger that threatens any foreign investor in this way is his ignorance of the rules and conditions of buying property in Turkey, and this ignorance will create a good opportunity for profiteers and fraudsters. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to choose a reputable and authorized intermediary to buy property in Turkey. For example, tourism agencies are not suitable for this action at all. Because many of them, because of the information they find about the foreign country due to the type of their activities, can deceive people and, by receiving large sums and false promises, lead to the harm of the applicants. Remember that the information collected by a travel agency is only for tourism and is not necessarily valid for investment.

The next important step is to select a company that has the necessary licenses to do so. Unfortunately, companies that do not have the necessary qualifications to do so have been found in abundance both in countries of origin, including Iran, and in Turkey. In Turkey, due to the high demand for investment, groups in low-traffic areas of the city and where Their presence is not felt by government officials, they engage in such activities, and often, after receiving large sums of money from foreign applicants, they dissolve the company and flee.

Selecting these companies in Iran as the country of origin also requires reviewing the licenses, positive records and the necessary qualifications of this intermediary. Anonymous lawyers are in the same category and can be very risky and problematic when investing in a foreign country.

Always remember, profiteers do not even have mercy on their relatives! As a result, in the important matter of investment and immigration, do not trust only qualified individuals and teams with official and valid licenses. Fortunately, in Iran, trendturnkey team consultants, with the necessary qualifications, can help you invest correctly and safely in Turkey to help.

Cheap property in Turkey; The most common threat to Iranian investors

There is no cheap property in Turkey! This sentence may seem very exaggerated and we think that in every country there is definitely a neighborhood or area that is cheaper than other areas, but the prevailing conditions in that area and the privileges of the property to invest a citizen. Foreigners are not an issue that can be ignored.

It is true that property in Turkey is cheaper than in other European countries. But we must be aware that many cheap properties in Turkey have problems such as unpaid loans or debts to the government and.. It is also good to know that all property prices in Turkey are determined under the supervision of the relevant authorities and are completely appropriate to the type of area and the specific features and privileges of the property in question.

In which Turkish city should we buy property?

In which city of Turkey to buy and invest property is another common question of investors in Turkey. As we said, Turkey has many tourist attractions. The cultural proximity and geographical location of this country, local quality products, famous shopping malls and. Are among these attractions. In terms of the construction industry, Turkey ranks second in the world after China, and this is due to the high demand of investors to buy property in this country. It is worth mentioning that this trend is still increasing and investors from all over the world They buy property and similar investments in Turkey.

To find the answer to the question of which Turkish city is suitable for investment, we need to know which are the most important cities in Turkey? What facilities and potential do these cities have for investment?

The most famous cities in Turkey include Istanbul, Belek, Alanya, Side, Fethiye, Kemer, Bodrum and Antalya. Istanbul is the most expensive city in Turkey. Each of these cities has its own characteristics that the investor chooses according to their purpose. Below are the most prominent features of some of these cities for investment.


IstanbulIstanbul is the most famous city in Turkey with a population of 16 million. In this city, facilities such as metro, bus, monorail, ferry, several bridges, trams and the Bosphorus have facilitated the daily life of Istanbul citizens in a completely purposeful way. Also, the existence of modern constructions designed by the best architects in the world and numerous and excellent shopping centers to buy the most up-to-date clothes and fashionable clothes has made this city one of the most important cities for investment.


BelekDue to its proximity to Antalya Airport, Belek hosts many tourists every year. In addition to the 28 km distance of the city from the airport, its extraordinary nature is famous and its unique coastline, which is mixed with pine forest and mountains, is a unique feature for This is a city.

The city of Belek has 5 star luxury hotels and many professional sports facilities and attracts many people every year, especially athletes. It is interesting to know that Belek is known as the golf paradise of Turkey. Now, if you are going to buy a property in this city, according to the mentioned facilities, you can own a property near the best and most luxurious sports and recreational facilities in Turkey.


Side is an ancient city in Turkey. This city also has a special and unique nature. Also, special beaches and great weather, especially on summer days, are a great place to have fun, especially summer recreation. It also has excellent infrastructure and a good urban transportation system. By investing in this city, you can own a property that is close to clubs and restaurants that give a new feeling and mood to the city with live music and attractive entertainment. Side is an ancient city in Turkey. This city also has a special and unique nature. Also, special beaches and great weather, especially on summer days, are a great place to have fun, especially summer recreation. It also has excellent infrastructure and a good urban transportation system. By investing in this city, you can own a property that is close to clubs and restaurants that give a new feeling and mood to the city with live music and attractive entertainment.


Bodrum is actually a beautiful island with olive groves and one of the cities of Mughal province. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations for Turkish tourists is the city of Bodrum and its scenery is completely unforgettable. The bustle and exemplary vibrancy of this city and its historical attractions have provided suitable conditions for entertainment and fun for its residents.

Belekshahr is known as the land of eternal waters. One of the great features of this city for investment is the location of luxury real estate and buildings in the foothills of its lush mountains. With these properties, the property that exists in this place can have the best views and facades, which is considered a popularity for property purchase applicants.


Antalya is a destination of interest to most people in the world. Antalya is considered a good destination both in terms of entertainment and life. In addition to the very beautiful and unique nature, this city has a wonderful climate. The presence of cultural centers and facilities such as concerts, theaters and cinemas, attractive and numerous hiking trails and a population of over 2 million people attracts the attention of many people to invest. But which area to invest in depends on the size of the investor’s budget. For example, the areas of Kepez and Dush Mellat have reasonable and small real estate properties. In Lara and Konyaalti, meanwhile, he provided the most expensive luxury homes and apartments and beach villas.


In general, the best way to invest in Turkey in the first place is to know what you intend to invest. If you intend to stay in Turkey, the investment amount is at least $ 250,000 and otherwise $ 60,000. After that, selecting the desired city according to the facilities and value of its property for investment and then consulting with an intermediary related to an official and valid license for this action and receiving the necessary guidance that the experienced consultants of Trendturnkey team can easily do this. They will provide it to you.

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