About Us


With over 12 years of experience in the field of real estate, TREND TURNKEY has a wide range of real estate purchases in Turkey. Residence in Turkey for more than 150 Iranian compatriots and introduction and purchase of property in Istanbul for over 200 Iranians are among the honors of this company.

One of our distinctive features is passing various courses to get acquainted with the principles and rules of customer relationship, full familiarity with the rules and regulations of buying and selling real estate, familiarity with mandatory duties and services and other international training courses approved by the Turkey’s real estate union.


Given the current situation in Turkey and the many abuses that exist in the purchase of property and obtaining Turkish citizenship, our company with real awareness of all the conditions and laws of Turkey, in a safe investment and purchase of trusted mobile property Is you.

TREND TURNKEY In addition to a comprehensive introduction of sales and rental projects in a completely transparent manner, there is a tool called price analysis based on land value in the region and construction price (meters and estimates) that calculate value added with criteria and statistics received from the Central Bank You can also calculate the profitability of the property in the global market and compare the property with similar properties in the same area.

Our expert consultants and services Update and transparency is the most important thing that distinguishes us from others.

And buy a property in Turkey with TREND TURNKEY with confidence and peace of mind, because we are with you and this company is proud of the satisfaction of all its employers and customers.

We are by your side with the hope of a safe investment.

What do we do?

Professional support

Our creative and knowledgeable sponsors can accurately offer you suitable properties in Istanbul and cities such as Bagcilar, etc., according to your needs and financial situation, just trust the members of the TrendTurk team.

Free professional advice

Our large and professional team is ready to give you a free consultation to buy a property in Turkey at any time, just contact us through one of the communication channels available on the site.

Obtaining residence in Turkey

All our efforts are to bring you closer to the goal of obtaining Turkish residency and Turkish citizenship. In fact, you can obtain Turkish residency and citizenship by investing in the purchase of real estate.

Why should you choose us?

Helping to choose the best area according to the client’s taste and budget

Carrying out the necessary negotiations with the person or company of the seller and preparing the terms of the contract arrangement with the presence of experienced lawyers of the company, performing the affairs of document registration and money transfer in a completely legal and safe manner


Providing advice on unit rental or necessary changes in interior architecture by experienced engineers of the municipal affairs company, gas department, electricity department, water department and address registration in the name of the buyer. Get a residence permit in Turkey

Our consultants will provide complete information about the texture of different areas of Istanbul, including history, culture, average weather conditions and… at the time of purchase for our dear customers, so that our team is proud to have no dissatisfied customers to date.