Wellcome to Istanbul We try to be with you in choosing the right path to get Turkish citizenship. Get citizenship a B Buy property in the main centers of cities Get a passport and citizenship of Turkey just by investing $ 250,000 and buying a property in Turkey. More Information a B New homes ready for deployment Available properties a B Modern and stunning architecture of Turkey Would you like to visit different parts of Istanbul ?? Tourist sites a B

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Negotiate with the seller or company and prepare the terms of the agreement Arranging a contract with the presence of experienced lawyers of the company Perform document registration and money transfer in a completely legal and secure manner

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Providing advice on unit rental or necessary changes in interior architecture by the company's experienced engineers Carrying out municipal affairs, gas department, electricity department, water department and registering the address in the name of the buyer Arranging a contract between the customer and the company to do citizenship or receive a residence permit in Turkey

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